Homemade Gravlax


I live in Seattle. Salmon is pretty much our official city food product. Living in a fishing-heavy port city is fabulous for seafood, and I admit I’m pretty spoiled for it. I bought a whole fresh Sockeye salmon–the first of the season–last week at my local Farmer’s Market. Not frozen, and meaty and rich. While I know a lot of the country doesn’t have that option, I’m still going to campaign for you to buy a whole fish. Salmon especially, but trout, mackerel, bass and sardines are wonderful smaller fish that you’ll get so much more use out of if you buy the whole shebang.

Here, I’ll break it down for you.  Continue Reading »

In Season: Cherries!

In Season: Cherries!

It’s cherry time. Full on. Here in the Seattle area we’re spoiled with choices–from tart pie-cherries, sweet Van cherries, juicy and explosively sugary Bings, to the unique Rainier cherry, plus many more varieties–every weekend at the Farmer’s Market I’ve nearly overdone it eating samples of them all.

All these options leave you with endless possible recipes, sweet and savory.  Continue Reading »

Double Rye Cherry Crumble w/ Wildflower Honey

Rye Cherry Crumble

Bourbon rye. Sweet cherries. Rye flour. Wildflower honey.

In other words, deliciousness.

Yes, it’s time for fresh cherries, and I couldn’t resist boozing them up a bit, since they go so well with bourbon. Throwing more rye flavor into the crumble was more than just a cute title–cherries and rye flour are fabulous friends.  Continue Reading »

In Season: Peas!

Springtime pea season is upon us. Glorious peas!

So many uses, in so many cuisines. Immature “mange-tout” sweet peas are a welcome addition to salad or crudité platters, while “shelling” type peas are lovely blanched and tossed with a tart dressing.

Snow peas you know best from American-Chinese recipes, undoubtedly, but if you are lucky enough to find fresh ones, the possibilities are umpteen.

Marrowfat peas (those that have been allowed to dry in the field in the pod) make up the British mushy peas classic side to fish and chips.

Of course, what we have now are younger, sweeter and juicy versions (my favorite!). While my freezer is always stocked with a nice bag of Petit Pois, fresh peas are a springtime treat I urge you to take advantage of.

Here are some suggestions for what to do with them, once you track them down.


One of my favorite soups: Pea Soup with Mint and Toasted Almonds.

A nice appetizer from Amateur Gourmet – Spring Pea Puree with Preserved Lemon.

Here’s a different take on peas and radishes! Spring Pea & Radish Pizza  from Foxes Love Lemons.

Obviously, what’s easier and more satisfying than throwing some fresh vegetables in with some pasta? Multiculti Kitchen‘s Brown Butter Pea and Asparagus Farfalle is that very idea.

Ever tried pea vines (or tips, as Andrea calls them)? They’re a favorite treat of mine, à la Viet World Kitchen‘s Pea Tips Stir-fried with Garlic.

And lastly, Blistered Pea Hummus? Crazy, but just crazy enough to work! from A Cozy Kitchen.


There you go–happy perusing and happy almost weekend!


Pea Soup with Mint and Toasted Almonds

Pea Soup

I love this soup. It’s a real indicator of spring/early summer. Bright mint, sweet peas, a lovely and light dinner or a healthy lunch. I used frozen peas here, but fresh are also an option. Fresh mint, however, is a must! Continue Reading »

In Season: Strawberries!


It’s true, strawberries are in season, so everyone can calm down.

No really, what you need to do is go out to your local farmer’s market or produce market and buy some local strawberries. Or even better, go to a U-pick farm or your backyard (neighbor’s backyard?) and get some yourself! Continue Reading »