Potato Bread

Fluffy Potato Bread

I loved potato bread as a kid. Cloud-like, fluffy white bread, a cross between a quilt and a cake. My tastes have developed a bit now, but I still love the flavors of potato bread. This loaf is a call-out to those days as a kid eating pastrami sandwiches on the floor in front of cartoons, drinking pink lemonade to my heart’s content. Only this version is homemade, hand-kneaded, and just the way I want it.  Continue Reading »

Rye and Raisin Breakfast Cookies with Sunflower Seeds

Rye Raisin Breakfast Cookies with Sunflower Seeds

I’ve never been a huge cookie lover (except for peanut butter cookies. a no brainer). If I choose to indulge in something sweet/rich, it will most likely be a custard-based dessert, or a pastry-related product like pie or scones. I think it has something to do with my dislike for the taste and texture of plain sugar, and also with my love for things you can eat with a spoon.

But these cookies are solidly in between dessert and breakfast, and I respect that. They do double-duty. Way to go, cookies.  Continue Reading »

Frijoles Borrachos

Drunk Beans

Drunken beans. What in the world is not to like about a dish with that name!? Nothing. They are delicious, and Rick Bayless’s recipe for them is genius. This makes a great main dish alongside some nice rice and a vegetable side or salad, or it makes a wonderful side to a meat dish (like barbecue anything!). But really, I’m not sure how much I have to pitch this recipe to you beyond this simple breakdown (ahem):

beans + bacon + tequila = ummm yeah…so whyaren’tyoumakingthisalready?!

Continue Reading »

Rustic Radish Mashed Potatoes

Radish Mashed Potatoes

I don’t want to complain about the slow start to spring here in Seattle because I keep hearing horror stories about how cold and snowy the east coast still is (sorry friends), but I still can’t help but be very impatient for spring produce to arrive! So far I have spied a few things–rhubarb, some spring crops of winter vegetables, and radishes. You are probably just as tired as I am of starchy root vegetables, but I still have a big bag of beautiful potatoes. So I thought I’d spruce up some of those gems with the bright and fresh flavor of radishes. Why not? Continue Reading »

Salty Dog Cocktail

Salty Dog

Let me introduce you to the Salty Dog cocktail. Brother of the Greyhound, with gin and a hearty dose of salt, this cocktail is a fun treat that tastes a lot more complicated than it is to make. Let me give you the steps, starting with 1. Put on your sunglasses, so you can see.  Continue Reading »

Arroz Verde al Poblano (Green Poblano Rice)

Arroz poblano

Rice: so many ways to make it. And so many strong opinions about the way to make it. Pilaf method, steaming, boiling, baking, risotto method–I’ve even heard of but will never try unless I absolutely must: microwaving. And then: to rinse or not to rinse? To soak or not to soak, and for how long? How much water to add? It’s no wonder most people play it safe and just use a rice cooker. If I already did not have too many appliances and devices for my tiny kitchen, I’d totally utilize one.

But this arroz verde is a different rice. It’s got serious character, and you could honestly be a very clumsy cooker of rice and not fail this one (trust me here, I know).  Continue Reading »